Donate to the NT Conservative Association

Your financial support is greatly appreciated.  Political donations qualify for a generous tax credit as outlined in the chart below. 
You may donate with a personal credit card by clicking the link below. 
Donations may also be made by personal cheque or money order to the Nipissing-Timiskaming Conservative Association, PO Box 1463, North Bay, Ontario, P1B 8K6. 
Under Election Canada financing rules, political parties can only accept personal donations.  We are unable to accept membership fees or contributions from businesses, corporations, trade unions, or associations. Please ensure you are using a personal chequing account or money order paid for by your funds.  The maximum you can contribute to all federal political parties in 2023 is $1,700.

Please Note
Donations for fundraising dinners are also eligible for tax credits less the value of goods received. For example a dinner ticket costing $250 with a value received of $50 would leave $200 eligible for a tax credit.